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Topic: Test version 1.4dev

First test version 1.4dev

Only for developers — dont use as main (unstable and may have a bugs).

Changes to version 1.3.5

  • Support internationalized domain name in posts

  • Better censors for Unicode

  • Support innodb Mysql engines

  • Faster select in large topics

  • Optimized and updated style Oxygen

  • HTML5 Doctype

  • HTML5 form API

  • Simplified forms — login, register, search

  • Autodetect timezone on register

  • Style and JS minificated

  • JS async loading system, based on LABjs

  • JS moved to footer for fast page loading

  • New profile fields — facebook, twitter, skype, linkedin






Comments and suggestions are welcome in this topic or on github.

https://github.com/downloads/punbb/punb … dev.tar.gz



Re: Test version 1.4dev

Wow, nice job dima!

Just a little feedback:

In demo forum posts are ordered from newest to latest that is feature or bug?
Links should IMO have underline effect. It's standard and I think we should keep it smile
BTW are you planning on using media-queries? I'm not that experienced with them, but I think it would be quite easy to create mobile style with them.

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Re: Test version 1.4dev

Posts order is default — im not change anything in default install (i think it BUG).

Links underline is good, but if u have page with many links - underline create more noise. Thats why wikipedia dont use underline and many others. Just compare 1.3.5  and 1.4dev — latest visually is more clear and simple.

Media-queries is good idea but i need research this question - i dont work with media-q before.

Re: Test version 1.4dev


Re: Test version 1.4dev

That's good news i like that the new punbb developing team is working so hard. Your hard work will give results! Thanks for everything you guys have done!

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Re: Test version 1.4dev

does not change the language En -> Ru

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Re: Test version 1.4dev

I have just a question dimkalinux. The team that some years ago created punbb 1.3 they took codes from that time fluxbb 1.3 was. Will you guys take codes from fluxbb 2.0? 
Or will you guys make your own Punbb version that is nothing alike fluxbb's new version?

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Re: Test version 1.4dev

We dont copy code from Flux (except new faster queries in viewtopic, but it more idea than copypaste :-) ).
PunBB 1.4 is just updated 1.3 with some long-awaiting features that dont break extensions compatibility too much. Its not PunBB 2.0. i think 2.0 will be rewrited from scratch, or not... Now we working for 1.4/1.5