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Topic: punbb looking for punbb.users (solved)

Hi there.
I installed yesterday punbb on an Arch Linux machine, it worked well, until I reboot it. I installed it, made the config.php file, all was working fine, I managed to create some sections/forums/topics…

But today, when I wanted to use it, it told me that it's looking for the table 'punbb.users'.

Database reported: Table 'punbb.users' doesn't exist (Errno: 1146).

So I looked into my database, and I've a 'punbb_users', but not a 'punbb.users'.

My questions are:
- Why did it work yesterday?
- And why is it searching for <databse>.<table>, and not <database>_<table> ?

Thanks in advance for any possible assistance. :-)

Re: punbb looking for punbb.users (solved)

punbb_users is because you setuped table prefix in config or in install.
Config.php is auto-generated - why you made the config.php file?

Seems like you remove table prefix settings from config or use invalid config.php.


Re: punbb looking for punbb.users (solved)

I misspoke; I wanted to say I did step of the config.php generation.
I made a new install this morning, don't modify the default table prefix (I left it empty), and it seems to work well now.

Thanks you, and congratulations for PunBB, that"s really fast and simple, I love it. :-)