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Topic: [WIP] Custom Smilies/Smiley Gallery

Custom Smilies & Smiley Gallery

This mod replaces the built-in smiley parser with one that is backed from a database. It also create a page displays all of the smilies you have in the database.

You can see an example here.

There is currently no admin interface because I do not know how to make one sad But I am still working on it. Smilies must be inserted directly into the database. For help doing this I will explain the schema of the 2 tables this extention creates:

table custom_smilies_categories

  • id - a unique id number assigned to the category

  • category_name - a descriptive name for the category

table custom_smilies

  • category - the id number (see above) of the category this smiley belongs to

  • replace_text - the text that this smiley replaces in a parsed string

  • alt_text - some text to show when you hover over the smiley in a parsed string

  • smiley_file - the name of the smiley's graphic. This is relative to img/smilies/, so for example, if your smiley is called "happy.gif" and it's in the img/smilies folder, just make this value "happy.gif".

If you are using the BBCode bar, the smilies will be automatically hidden. Perhaps I should replace that with just a link to the smilies page?

Anyway, if there is futher interest, I will continue to work on this, otherwise it suits my needs. This is my first extension, so if anyone has any commentary about how bad the code is and how to make it better, I'd be glad to hear it smile. And of course, suggestions are always welcome.

custom_smilies_punbb.zip - version 1.0

EDIT: Was missing a comma in the installer, fixed that!

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I'm currently working on an admin interface for this extension.

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Wow, that would be great- I haven't touched this guy in a while (partly because of being busy finishing school, partly because I'm comfortable just cramming stuff in the DB manually), but I'll give it a once over to neaten it up and make it 1.4 compatible this weekend!

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Great! Right now it's only half-done. The other half will get finished when this shop/image awards thing I'm working on is done.

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hklown, This ext isnt working on 1.4.x?


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Have you tested?
Just open manifest.xml and change maxtestedon value into 1.4.2