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Topic: Antispam System doesn't display CAPTCHA

I'm using this extension:

"Antispam System
    Version 1.3.4
    Created by PunBB Development Team
    Adds CAPTCHA to registration, login and guest posting forms. Puts restrictions on adding user signatures and website links."

However, when I try to register a new account, no CAPTCHA appears. I keep clicking Reload Images, but it doesn't work.

I've updated to punBB 1.4, but since 1.3 I've never been able to display CAPTCHA.

Re: Antispam System doesn't display CAPTCHA

All Captchas are pretty much hacked by standard spamming software and I'd advise to use

Pun_stop_bots Questions.
Choose questions that aren't too easy! No 2+2 or 'What color is the sky'. (not sure it's tested for PunBB 1.4.x though!)

Also EITHER fancy_stop_spam (get an API key from stopforumspam.com) or sfs_antispam is a must have.

If you have human spammers posting links;
URL Checker (report spammers links to me - along with all info like IP, email!)

Make sure you have email verfication on in  Administration → Settings → Registration