Re: [Extension release] StopForumSpam.com Antispam

@Grez: I got a request today from a pleased forum admin using this extension and also URL checker  to be able to submit spammers to help us fight the spammers even better - I've suggested the code from this post :
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/140337/#p140337   by cameni

But I'd be interested in thoughts as to how to automate submission for the URLs....  or if at least a code like camenis could be implemented for the URL checker.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: [Extension release] StopForumSpam.com Antispam

Still getting a lot of spam registrations from ip's already in SFS database, some of them quite a few days. When I try the http://www.stopforumspam.com/api?ip={ip} link with spammers' ips manually, it shows "yes", but the extension does not seem to work...


Re: [Extension release] StopForumSpam.com Antispam

Try and use EITHER fancy_stop_spam or sfs_antispam...

see if those work for you...



Re: [Extension release] StopForumSpam.com Antispam

I'm going to give a try to the second one, although I'd like to allow quest posting to certain areas of my forum, and this extension does not check those. The first one is "no go" since I'm yet to upgrade to 1.4...

Regarding current extension: the stopforumspam table in the database has no new records since Dec 20 of last year...


Re: [Extension release] StopForumSpam.com Antispam

8k84 wrote:

I'd like to allow quest posting to certain areas of my forum, and this extension does not check those.

Akismet extension for PunBB 1.3 catches a lot of guest posts that are spam in my experience...

RE: stopforumspam.com Antispam extension; is it possible any other extensions are interfering with it? Any changes you or your host made since dec 20th?


Re: [Extension release] StopForumSpam.com Antispam

KeyDog, thank for suggestions. Turns out my hoster routes output traffic via some kind of gate ip, which was blocked by SFS due to a severe abuse. Now the block is removed, and the extension works just fine (as it used to).

The only thing I could wish now is for this extension to check registering user's email along with ip...