Topic: [Release] Improved Report Post Dialog

I always was a little annoyed that when you go to report a post, you can't actually see the post without hitting back when you're typing your reason for reporting. This extension renders a watered-down version of the post above the report dialog itself, so you can reference it when typing your report.

Here's what it looks like in action:

This view of the post does not display post footer options, or poster information other then username, title and avatar. Also, the date in the post byline is not a link- I wanted to prevent accidentally leaving the page when typing the report.

The size of the post preview is also capped, and if it is too large it will scroll instead. This can be changed in the provided CSS file.

If anyone has comments/suggestions, please share.

DOWNLOAD v1.0.0:

Re: [Release] Improved Report Post Dialog