Re: [release] SFS Antispam

KeyDog wrote:

Justice, I can confirm this extension works on PunBB 1.4.1.

    <title>SFS Antispam</title>
    <description>Prevents known spammers from registering.</description>


anyone tested this with 1.4.2?

Re: [release] SFS Antispam

Millennium wrote:

Installed v1.4 10/30/12 at 11:09 PM and I just "got one" tongue
Sofar very good to have this smile

Please keep this alive big_smile big_smile

I've actually stopped maintaining this, since the Fancy Stop Spam extension has more features and is supposedly supported by PunBB developers (though I received no response to an issue I posted about a month ago). Unless you're running a Postgresql database, I would recommend switching to Fancy Stop Spam.

Re: [release] SFS Antispam

Hmm, too bad sad
I tried the other but that didn't work.
Thanks for this one anyway smile