Topic: [Hook Request] fn_add_user_send_alert

I would like to request a hook be added to the add_user function in functions.php. This hook would allow extension developers to modify the alert email that is sent when a new user registers. Two examples of when I needed to do this:

  1. I wanted to include the username in the alert email subject, e.g. "Alert - New registration by SomeUser123". The reason for this is when I have multiple users register in a day, Gmail's threading feature will group all these emails into one thread, which I don't want. Making the subject of each email unique (by including username) will prevent this.

  2. In my IP Geolocation extension I wanted to include the users geolocation in the alert email. I was able to do this with an ugly hack, but a proper hook would be much preferred.

Here is how the hook would look (line 1883):

Thank you PunBB developers for your consideration.