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Topic: Need a coder to help integrate PunBB and Facebook

Hello!  I need a coder who is familiar with the PunBB codebase to help me integrate the forum with Facebook.  Some integration points would be: no registration (since visitors are already logged in), pushing PMs to Facebook's messaging system, pulling avatar pics from FB and using them instead of asking the users to upload, etc.

I will pay you per hour (rate can depend on experience and time commitment).  It would help if you are a little bit familiar with Facebook's API but I can take care of most of this work for you or at least help bring you up to speed on the basics.

This is partly an academic project and you will receive full credit for your work, plus the potential for anywhere up to full employment in the future (if that was of interest).

Email me via the forum and I will respond quickly.  Thanks!


Re: Need a coder to help integrate PunBB and Facebook


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