Topic: [Extension] stop_bots_record_question

I like the pun_stop_bots extension, but it has one weakness: when spammers figure out the answer to a question, you don't really have any way to tell which question they're getting through on.  I wrote this extension to record which question the user successfully answered during the registration process.

It records the text of the question rather than the ID, so if you modify a question later, you can still see the original question text that the user responded to when they registered; takes up a little more DB space this way but helps avoid false positives, especially when it comes to "delayed" spammers that register, sit dormant for a few weeks or months, then suddenly pop in and start spamming (while you may have changed the question in the meantime).
Only admins/mods can see the question; users do not even see it on their own profiles.


Download v1.0: … &can=2


Re: [Extension] stop_bots_record_question

Oh, very useful. Thanks for your great job!


I've added screenshot to the first post and removed your second smile.