Topic: Important. Punbb is DEAD

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After 3hours and SAME PROBLEM!

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maybe mistake in extensions


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You are really funny smile. How we can help you if you don't give us basic infos like Board URL, installed extensions, used styles, what you have done that problem occured, etc.

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Im having the same problem right now on my forum.
Me and some other users can post on the forum, i know atleast one more user who can't post and another friend who can't register on the forum.

PunBB version 1.4.2

Operating system: Linux
PHP: 5.3.27 - Show info
Accelerator: XCache
MySQL Improved 5.1.66
Rows: 39,967
Size: 7.03 MB


Private Messaging 2.4.2
Stop spam from bots 0.3.3

Re: Important. Punbb is DEAD

Check webserver logs. Turn debug mode. Create new topic.