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My last post was about 'User groups & limiting access to forums' (see … o-forums/) and the solution KANekT posted has worked for us.

But, now I have a request to extend this functionality.

In my original post I had 3 forums: Management, Staff, Volunteers.

User A is the owner so should have access to all 3 forums.
User B is the manager so has access to Management & Staff
User C is staff so only has access to Staff
User D is a volunteer so only has access to Volunteers

To get this working, I've setup groups Management, Staff and Volunteers.

Now I'd like to setup a new forum, lets call it Fund-raising, and have some of the users from all 3 groups being able to contribute. Ideally, I'd setup a new group and assign members to multiple groups, but I don't think this is possible. It there an extension that allows this?

Thanks for you help...

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Re: User groups & limiting access to forums - more queries

You can always create a group that represents the combination of groups. For example, you can create a group called "Staff & Volunteers" and give it appropriate rights.

Something similar you may observe in this instance of forum:
- Emme is Style Creator
- I am an Extension Developer
- Kushi is Style creator & Extension Developer

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Re: User groups & limiting access to forums - more queries

Thanks keeshii - I didn't think of the obvious solution!