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I am a punbb n00b so I apologize if I am overlooking something simple.

For the first 9 users who registered on my forum, I can search for them and see them in the user list in admin console. But the last 2 users who signed up, I got a notification with their username, but I cannot find them in the users list. One of the users contacted me saying his password is not working. I can't find the user by searching. However, when I click the profile link in the email I can find him.

Please help because I suspect my new users are getting turned away from all the problems with sign up.


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Re: New users not showing up

link to your forum. Show

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Re: New users not showing up

btw, total number of posts is shown as 50 while you can add up the numbers shown on the same page and get 51. Is that also the reason the user count is stuck at 9 and the last registered user is not changing?

Edit: the counts now show correctly. no idea on the users. I will have to sign up yet again with another email id to test this out.