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Topic: Need help!

I am a member on a PunBB 1.3.2 board. It isn't my board but I have a web design background and know more code and software stuff than the board owner. I have admin access. The board is set to members only, guests can't see anything but the sign-on screen.

Recently the board is seeing a huge number of guests, it had 90 a few days ago. This seems odd. The owner pays a web host to have the site at a certain bandwidth level. thị trường bất động sản The owner has been hitting the limit and we believe it is something to do with all the guests. The host suggested it may be some kind of hack or something going on against the board.

Do any of you have any suggestions as to how to fix this situation? Have any of you heard of a similar thing? Could it be some bots trying to scan the site and hammering it?

Thanks to any who can help.

Re: Need help!

See in the server access log what kind of guests are: ip, useragent.
If these are bots, then block them at the level of access to the server.

For google: Fail2ban

I speak only Russian  :P