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Re: pun_stop_bots

Visman wrote:

https://github.com/MioVisman/punbb_exte … _stop_bots

This version does not use cookies.
User is asked only once, the guest is asked every time.

Checking with google chrome, i made various posts as guest and php 8.0.1, it works. I will test more, but if i don't say anything more about it, it means that it works fine, thank you Visman, you're the best smile
EDIT : i made other posts with Google Chrome and Firefox, everything is fine in both, the question is not still the same so the random function works fine (there are  2 questions possible) and it worked each post. I tried with php 7.4, it works fine too.

Visman wrote:

P.S. I don't use Chrome (it transfers too much data to Google).

And i guess you're right, as i use Linux Mint, i may better use Chromium or Firefox.