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Right now you can add titles to your forum so the members get different, or "better", titles as they post more messages on the forum. However I think this system is pretty bad since it makes some people spam more than they usually would have done! So, I'm requesting an ad-on to the titles where you can choose either to make titles that is based on the members post count or titles that are based on how long the person has been a member.

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Just to be clear, what you are talking about is what is called ranks in PunBB. I agree that post count-based ranks can lead to spamming, but if it does, just disable it. I don't think the time someone has been a member is any kind of benchmark on "how good" he/she is. I mean, there are people in these forums that joined in 2001, but have never posted a single message.

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Another way to "punish" the spammers is to reset their post-count :) (maybe after a warning...) This way all other users are not affected by it.


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Or make a modification to stop their post count increasing wink


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I can make a MOD for that.

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