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Topic: Request: IFRAME

I've been running a low-volume neighborhood-oriented message board for the Las Vegas area.  I currently use PHPBB but I am likely to convert to PUNBB 1.2 for performance reasons.


Most of my users are relatively unsophisticated technically but would like to post events, etc. from other sites.  Copy and Paste are not always good options because events on other sites are either images or PDF files.

Using the optional <IFRAME width=100% height=500 src=XYZ> tag to access external sites solves this problem without incurring a performance hit.

I would hope that PUNBB 1.2 would also include this feature as a relatively simple way to embed external images, text, and web pages.

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I guess a little mod extending the BBCode would do the trick for you.

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problem with that is what would be the security implications?

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Would it be any worse than a link to another site?

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well i'm not sure, its obviously different as the site is actually being loaded so if you put a link to a site with loasds of popups it would load it....

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I added this to parser.php and call iframe url in forum post using [iframe url=http://www.xx.com width=xx height=xx]
just an extension from the [swf] from lulu (?]


// remove paragraphs
$text = str_replace('<p></p>', '', '<p>'.$text.'</p>');

$codeiframe = "\n\t\t\t\t\t<iframe src=\"\$1\" name=\"radio\" scrolling=\"no\" frameborder=\"0\" width=\"\$2\" height=\"\$3\"></iframe>\n\t\t\t\t\t";
$text = preg_replace("/\[iframe url=([^ ]+) width=([0-9]*) height=([0-9]*)\]/", $codeiframe, $text);

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Hello, this code works in 1.2.15? thanks


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Another alternative to using iframes is greybox: