Topic: Modding templates.


I was looking for a simple message board system that's easy to skin, and I came across PunBB. Why isnt the PHP code and templates in different files? It would really make skinning this forum much easier. Any clue what I should do? Thanks.

Re: Modding templates.

The PHP and templates are in different files.

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Re: Modding templates.

jchristophm: zpaada is talking about a full blown templating system where the markup is seprate from the php. Typically you would have a template for each of the output pages e.g. index.tpl, viewforum.tpl or even subdivisions such as main_nav.tpl

zapada: because, as I understand it , templating slows things down and requires more system resources.

Re: Modding templates.

Ok, that's fine with me, I will just modify the headers and stuff to fit my upcomming S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl fansite. Everything will be connected with the forum database, including news, news comments, files, polls, etc. I love how this forum is so simple! I just glanced at the PHP code, and it will seem rather easy to mod! THANK YOU! I will post the url when I get it all done!