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I'm thinking of getting ups for firstly my servers (2 x P2-266mhz with 1hd, 1 shared monitor) and secondly my main pc's (1 x AMD 1.1 ghz & 1 x P4 3.2ghz. 1 monitor needed, i have vnc to admin the 1.1ghz)

I wonder what type of ups is needed etc.
And if someone can explaing in more detail what the different types do, and are good for.

I've found two with very different powertime. … w=detailed - Offline model, 13.9min on half charge, around 6min on full charge for around 110$ (4 power outlets, 3 ups, 1 currentstabalizer only)

and … w=detailed - Line Interactive model, 35min, around 90$ (1 power outlet ups) … w=detailed - Same as above but a bit bigger, 2 power outlets. 30min, around 110$

I don't know where to begin to dig in the swamp, but i've realized i'm not gonna get an Online UPS model at least smile

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I prefer APC. More info here

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I've used APC with good results.

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I'm not perticular with brands for the most time, i'm more after function and value for the price.

I'm still not sure what type to go for, can't find much solid info on pros and cons on the types.

Also i'm not sure if going for one bigger to support 2 pc's or getting two smaller, one for each pc is better.