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I would like to be able to let other related websites put my forum on their website.  What is the most easy painless way to offer this?

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But you could have some problem with the cookies.

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Is there some other way????

Could someone download some or all of the punbb files and then point them to my forum??  Something like that?

Also, I edited my main.tpl to include my navigation menu and header pic.  Is that the best way to edit the look of the forum?

Ooooh, one more question, When ever I first load the forum on my site there is a 8-10 seconds pause?  It not a free host or anything like that.  It just seems too lag too much?  But here at the punbb site no wait at all.   Here is my site:


Re: Shared forum?

sharing your forum you could either use frames or let them access your database but that would have huge security implications