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Hi !!!!!

I want to know what do you thik about my PunBB forums please...(It is a beta version):

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Re: My PunBB modifications

hmm...the graphic look weird on IE and Firefox.Like at the header and footer has some graphic missing.Also the text centered in IE but just fine in Firefox.Some modification would make your forum sexier.

if mONey is lOSt nOThINg is lOSt,
if cHArACtER is lOSt sOMeTHiNG is lOSt,
if rELiGIon and eDUcATiON aRE lOSt eVErYThINg is lOSt.

Re: My PunBB modifications

very nice graphics, tho im not that sure about everything being centred


Re: My PunBB modifications

Thx to your coments....

If anyone need graphic skin or Mods mail me at: webixx@hotmail.com