Topic: Assigning a mimetype

I have a file inserted in a web page so that a visitor can click on it and 'saveas' to their HD.
Problem: the file has an extension .iez (used by an external application CadDuct) but is recognised by windows as a zip file and the extension .zip is added when it is downloaded, and the file becomes myfile.iez.zip
Is there something I can add to the <a href> tag that would set the mimetype and stop windows from doing this?

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Re: Assigning a mimetype

don't think so ... and if IE appends that .zip at the end, I doubt it will help to create a php downloadpage, that sends it's own header. Go ask Microsoft what to do wink (they usually have quite good support)


Re: Assigning a mimetype

As far as I know IE ignores mime types set elsewhere and always does its own thing. Wouldn't the easiest thing be to zip the file in the first place.