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I have completed the Slovenian language pack on PunBB 1.2dev.
This is my Christmas gift  :-)

I also sent zip File to Rickard. Some little changes and ... PunBB 1.2 will be out with Slovenian language pack.



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Very nice ...

Hvala Janez big_smile


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I finished Slovenian language pack.
Please try and  upload at


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I replied to your e-mail that you had forgotten to translate the e-mail templates and that the pack did you containg a list of slovenian stopwords in stopwords.txt. When you fix that (at least the e-mail templates), I will upload the pack to punbb.org.

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I am sorry but I forgot  to show in Directory mail_templates.
Mail_templates are translated, but I wait my friend to give me stopwords.

Thanks    wink

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Lepo, Janez... ?uj, kako si prevajal tale punBB, kar z notepadom ali pa s kakim posebnim programom, ki ti verjetno zelo olaj?al delo?

Lep pozdrav


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Najve? sem prevajal s Pun translatorjem za Win. Ostalo kar ni ?lo pa sem se pozabaval v JEdit.

Prevod je kompleten. Upam da ti je v?e?   smile


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?e koga zanima ?e malenkost druga?en prevod za 1.2.x, naj si ogleda na?ega.

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Nekaj me zanima, ?e mi kdo morda lahko pomaga, namre? pogre?am opcijo za po?iljanje privatnih sporo?il v vi?jih verzijah od 1.5.5. Jo je komu uspelo vgraditi v 1.2.x verzijo?

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This is clearly off-topic, but might interest some of you.

I'm a co-organisator of the Rencontres francophones (French-speaking Meetings) in LJ (Ljubljana). We are in our second year now and they are still very popular (20-40 persons every month).

Anyone interested should check the Rencoforum.



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ko sem nazadnje gledu prevod ni bil utf-8 .. a je zdej bolje?