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Actually, the ironic thing is that punBB used to be my original forum software. However, I was bugged too much by the fact that after you would read or even post in a topic, it would not mark it as read.

So, even if you just posted to every thread in the forum, it all shows as unread. This bugged me so much that I tried a ton of different systems until I settled on one that got it down pat.

Now, I am wondering if there is an easy way to do this (now that I've migrated back to punBB 1.2.1)...
I would like it so that if you read a topic, click on the "New Post" link, or reply - It marks the topic as read for you...

I don't understand how this could possibly be complex. I mean, this should be able to be done without a javascript or anything of that nature.

Maybe it's just the fact that I don't understand how it works. Let me list my ponderings.

1) I think that the read/unread function in database driven.
2) It updates this only when the user has been idle for a certain amount of time. (Listed in the Admin panel)

So, couldn't a function be inserted to set it as read in the database as soon as it's read, instead of inserting it to be read after x number of seconds?

Any help?

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PunBB does not have any read/unread functionality at all. All it does is show posts that are new since your last visit. Basically it just marks post as new if they are dated later than the date of your last vist.

There are plenty of other threads on this and some solutions which either involve a fairly significant mod or a javascript file.


Re: [Request] - Mark post as read instantly

Try this javascript code:

Re: [Request] - Mark post as read instantly

The problem isn't that it is difficult. The problem is that it is difficult to do if you want it fast and "neat". You don't want the forums to alter the database everytime someone reads a topic. It can and most likely will affect database performance in a very bad way. A cookie based solution is the only viable one in my opinion. It's on my "maybe todo list" for PunBB 1.3. Only time will tell smile

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Re: [Request] - Mark post as read instantly

i use this mod for my forum

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Paul - Oh...Gotcha. Thanks for that little tidbit. That's helps explain the problem.

hgctv - I'm not a bug fan of adding extra javascript code, since I myself surf with javascript off. Plus, many browsers won't support it.

Rickard - That's what I was thinking about the database issue. That's what I thought that 600 second timer was for. But, I guess not. *blush*
How would a cookie work in that situation?

Exorcist - Thanks for pointing that out. I browsed over it thinking it was the same as the javascript mod. But, I guess not.
Edit: Installed and working great.