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Topic: Banning Guests

Mmm, I just found out that you can ban the Guest account. big_smile
And I do mean ban, I don't mean turn off their ability to read the board tongue

Re: Banning Guests

And in the area of other odd developments, go manipulation of forms to make it so admins can't read the board! tongue
Obviously, neither of these are very serious (you'd need admin access to do any of them, and hopefully you don't have untrustworthy admins) but are probably worth fixing (if a hacker gets admin, locking out all Guests and then messing up all the group stats would be annoying to say the least: of course, if you have the DB plugin they could do much worse).

Re: Banning Guests

I'll have a look at it as soon as possible. I'm completely swamped right now though. Could you drop me an e-mail with these things? Maybe you have done so already. I've been away.

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Re: Banning Guests

Nope, not yet, I'll email you when I get home smile