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Topic: Posting permissions

Even though I have set guest permissions to only read (in both group and forums settings) guest can post new messages and topics.

The other problem is that any guest is user is able to edit/delete these posts.

According to the settings, only registered users should be able to post.

The forums are at: http://offroadpakistan.com/forums

I am using a default install of PunBB 1.25. I just now redownloaded punbb and installed it again, but I am still having issues.

Another issue: When logged in as admin, I can see the IPs and email address of all registered users, but for guest posts it just has the username and "Guest". No email or IP, even though the email field is required while posting.

Re: Posting permissions

check what the group id of the guest user is in the user table?

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Re: Posting permissions

The guest group id is three, and only read permissions are on in the sql table.groups. So that seems OK.

I am having one other problem: When I click on a topic, many times the first post is repeated 2-5 times - even though there is only one post! For example, when I go to:
http://www.offroadpakistan.com/forums/v … d=334#p334
I am seeing the first post repeated 14 times!!

edit: I applied the patch listed elsewhere on the forums, which has solved the posts appearing many times problems, but guest users can still edit and post new topics/replies...

Can anyone help with the problem of guests being able to post, and edit other guest posts?

Re: Posting permissions

Hmm. You're sure you have a row in the users table that has id = 1, username = 'Guest' and group_id = 3?

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Re: Posting permissions

Here is a csv export of the groups table:


for guest, only read board and search is on.

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Re: Posting permissions

Yes, but check the users table and see what the group id set for the Guest account is smile

Re: Posting permissions

In the users Table, the first entry is the guest one: id 1, group id 4

I should change this goup_id number to 3? i.e this is the number corresponding to the groups table?

If so, why would it mysteriously change to 3? Is there anything else I should double check?

Re: Posting permissions

Yes, change it to 3
Did you use the conversion tool?

Re: Posting permissions

Yes, I had upgraded the forums from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5, and had run the conversion tool. Thats when the problems started. Could be there is a bug there. Is there some sort of maintainence script which does a sanity check of the db?

Re: Posting permissions

Nope, it's the fault of the conversion script
What did you convert from?

Re: Posting permissions

Oh originally I had convereted from IBP 1.2 (when it shifted from free to a subscription model).
Thanks for your help, the problem seems sorted now.