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Topic: Security?

Hello, Kennel and everyone else!

Im not a php-monkey by any means so i dont understand things like this, so i hope you can explain it to me smile

How is it with the security on PunBB?

Easy to hack? smile

Re: Security?

I think it's quite secure.
It protects against "offsite posting", and i think it's more secure than PHPBB. PHPBB has many bugs, search for PHPBB BUGS at google, and you'll understand what i mean:

http://www.google.com/search?q=bug+phpb … p;oe=utf-8

Re: Security?

A difficult question to answer. It would seem natural for me to say that PunBB is rock solid and that it can't be hacked. Saying that isn't very smart though. Especially considering a cross site scripting issue was discovered in version 1.0 just a few days ago :-)

Honestly, I would say that PunBB, since it has fewer features and therefore less source code, is generally less prone to having security holes than other, larger boards. I have made an effort to prevent any SQL injection vulnerabilities and hopefully, there will be no more cross site scripting problems.

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Re: Security?

Sounds great Kennel! smile

(I hope its true too big_smile)