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Topic: Web based mmorpg engine

I've started working on a web based MMORPG engine. It's based on PHP and javascript. No damn flash! ^^

So far, there is only one character moving around a little map. However, everybody controls that character at the same time wink

Features so far:
* Movement
* Collision detection
* Chat
* Ability to have you own character and control that one in the same world as the other

* Ability to move character with your mouse
* New GUI XD
* Battle system (NPC, PvP)
* Ability to team up with other players
* Equip you character

And lots of other stuff I haven't com up with yet wink

Try it out:

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whoever can update the fastest wins big_smile

Re: Web based mmorpg engine

Update: Now you can be more players running around smile

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haha cool