Topic: WAP mod or plugin

there is module or plugin for WAP, Or any manual how to PunBB forum i can visit from my mobile phone?

it's just me...

Re: WAP mod or plugin

yeaahh.. I want it too.. smile is it possible?

Re: WAP mod or plugin

i just got a new (cheap) mobile, and amazingly on its 5 line screen it renders punbb in a readable way, the only bit that it hates is tables, since it trys to get all the columns in at once, but the breadcrumbs etc degrade beautifully smile

Re: WAP mod or plugin

is it just read punbb content?
or we can navigate punbb as we do that in computer, I mean we can join punbb through PDA/mobile device.
woww..  that should be wap version of punbb wink