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Look at our userlist, do you notice something in common?  Names like "adfadgredh", and "5eythrj", how did these get here?  one day, we just see all of those pop up... we enabled guest posting so we might have thought doing that would trigger some guest accounts to be "logged" with that... can you explain what exactly is going on here?  Did someone REALLY register all of those names?  Or what can explain that?


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Spam bot. Good thing that Pun doesn't allow you do set your profile when registering.

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You can use the user management plugin to prune all those accounts.

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If this keps happening you may try with renaming some of your files.
"hi_I_am_new_and_want_to_get_in.php" instead of "register.php" for example will annoy most of the Spam bots out there while your users would not see much of it.
You'd have to change all the links as well though. It's really only worth the trouble if it happens more often to you.

Wouldn't that be a good thing anyway?
I mean, all and every board out there is using "register", "viewtopic", "post" and such in their names. Looks like everybody  just wants spambots on their sites... wink
However, it might be difficult to change now with so many installed boards already..

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Thanks, we will delete them, but it's kind of cool having like 111 registered members! tongue