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Well i have been having some bad hosting experiences recently, so thought maybe i should seek some advice. I have a large PunBB forum ( which has on average 50-150 users online at a time, out of a total of around 3000 registered users.

I was hosted with for awhile, and to be fair the service and hosting was fairly good. I suffered afew DDoS attacks, but continued on there. Around 3 months ago they suspended my hosting with the reason "your site uses too many httpd connections and is causing the server to run slow". I looked around for a couple days, and bought a server from After waiting 7 days for it to be setup, and a further 5 days to aquire extra IPs for nameservers, i moved there. That lasted for almost a month, until one day apache just died, quickly followed by the full server. After submitting a couple support tickets and having them closed my server being fixed, or any explination i gave up there and moved back to ehostpros (who had unsuspended me account after i moved off it). This lasted for another month or so, until they resuspended it for the same reason and told me i would need to purchase a dedicated server off them to continue there (which i don't plan on because they are a rip off). I then tried a server from - this one was setup nice and fast, and looked promising. After a couple days there though i noticed speeds were terrible, the 100mbps port i was paying for was providing download speeds of under 20kbps at times, and even loading php pages was slow. I am still there just now, and suffering from random connection time outs and problems. Also to make things worse i just noticed today that are ranked as the 2nd top offender in

I want to get away from as quickly as possible, but my budget is fairly limited and as i am starting Uni in 2 weeks i will probably not be up to monitoring and maintaining a dedicated server - but shared hosting providers are refusing to host my forums because they are too big*.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, as i really don't want to end up going from host to host finding each to be as bad as the last ):

* Rank 2 for topics (rank 1 for topic growth) in PunBBig and rank 4 for posts (rank 3 for post growth).


Re: Hosting are cheap and not that cheerful.

Try asking at smile

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I'll give it a try, thanks