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Topic: How do I get rid of....

I have recently added some code to my 'userlist.php' file so that only the Administrators can see the actual Users List.  However, I really do not have any use for this.  How do I delete it off of the actual Navigational Bar on the top of every page with all the links on it?

Thanks in advance!

Re: How do I get rid of....

Go to your folder 'includes' and open 'functions.php'. Somewhere around line 230-240 you will see code something like this:

    // Index and Userlist should always be displayed
    $links[] = '<li id="navindex"><a href="index.php">'.$lang_common['Index'].'</a>';
    $links[] = '<li id="navuserlist"><a href="userlist.php">'.$lang_common['User list'].'</a>';

    if ($pun_config['o_rules'] == '1')
        $links[] = '<li id="navrules"><a href="misc.php?action=rules">'.$lang_common['Rules'].'</a>';

    if ($pun_user['is_guest'])
        if ($pun_user['g_search'] == '1')
            $links[] = '<li id="navsearch"><a href="search.php">'.$lang_common['Search'].'</a>';

        $links[] = '<li id="navregister"><a href="register.php">'.$lang_common['Register'].'</a>';
        $links[] = '<li id="navlogin"><a href="login.php">'.$lang_common['Login'].'</a>';

Comment out whatever links you don't need I believe

Re: How do I get rid of....

Thanks, that worked fine!  smile