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Topic: integrate with my site

ok I read throught the integration forum and want my forum to load where my other pages load. I'm thinking i have to use the mini portal mod, and if so do I have to have all the files in the root directory? b/c ther currently in root/forum.
ex: http://www.cellfuse.com/index.php
Heres the code im useing now

$page = isset($_GET['content']) && preg_match('/^[a-z]+$/', $_GET['content']) ? $_GET['content'] : 'i';

include('content/' . $page . '.php');


then have my links in the nav bar pointing here

<a href="<?php echo $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']; ?>?content=a" title='Info about me' class="menu">About</a>

can i have it open here or not.