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Currently I run my website (www.lowter.com) with a combination of our homegrown CMS - Ottoman, along with PunBB.  We are running a development build of the software, so the latest version for download will sadly not meet up with what we are to do.

The forums and content managment integrate so well together through Ottoman's module system.  To reach forum values for other areas of my site I use easy code like this:

{module: punbb}
<table summary="Latest updated threads on the Lowter Fourms.">
    <caption>Latest on the Lowter Forums</caption>
        <th width="45%">Subject</th>
        <th width="30%">Forum</th>
        <th width="25%">Posted</th>
    {display_latest: 10}
            <td><a href="/forums/viewtopic.php?id={thread_id}" title="Read - {thread_subject}, on the Lowter Forums">{thread_subject}</a></td>
            <td class="center"><a href="/forums/viewforum.php?id={thread_parent_id}" title="Visist the {thread_parent_name} forum at the Lowter Forums">{thread_parent_name}</a></td>
            <td class="center">{thread_posted}</td>

Of course this takes into account our table structure to display the latest threads, but it works very well.

We are still working on Ottoman v2.  It should release before the end of the year, and about a month later a release with PunBB built in.  It may just be a module too, which works well anyways.  As at Lowter we are all anti-phpBB I refuse to offer a module for it. ;)


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Nice integration there.



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I'm quite happy with it and I hope that when I get the release that more people will use PunBB.  Open Source is great!  (Note that Ottoman is also open source)


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Ethan wrote:

/.../ (Note that Ottoman is also open source)

Nice smile