Topic: Log-in and view status from main site

From a menu within my site I redirect to my forum pages as blank targets. I also redirect to /forum/register.php so that new members to my site can register.
I have a log-in box on my main site and I want members to be able to log in from there without having to go to forum/login.php and then when they do go to the forum pages alredy be logged in. I've set the form actions the same as are shown in /forum/login.php but when I submit it just redirects me to /forum/login.php
Also I want to include the status message as shown in forum header (Not logged in, etc) to be visible on my main site.

Any ideas (ps I'm a novice so don't blind me with science!)

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Re: Log-in and view status from main site

Well, if you replicate the login form from login.php exactly, it shouldn't matter from where the form is sent. Make sure you include the hidden form element form_sent.

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