Topic: Languages does not work.

I just moved my punbb from another server, it was lots of work but i think its working now. But before i moved i had Swedish as language, and now its in english and all post with the swedish letters åäö have been replaced by questionmarks, very anoying.
And now i cant change back to Swedish.

I tried to download the German language pack and tested it, worked fine for a while, but then it after trying to swich back to swedish it just locked on english again.

what do i need to do to fix this? i have chmod 777 all the language maps.

Re: Languages does not work.

I've had a similar experience and the root of the problem in my case was that the webserver on my new host was sending a HTTP header saying all content was UTF-8 encoded. We need a link to the site in question.

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Re: Languages does not work.

Put an .htaccess file in your root of the forum with the following content

PHP_FLAG default_charset UTF-8

Some HSP are still on the old incompatible ISO8859-1 smile

PHP_FLAG default_charset ISO8859-1

If u're HSP set it by default to be UTF-8, and u prefer the old way
Check your PHPInfo, if Iconv is not supported, change the HSP smile