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This is my first foray into PHP and CSS, so go easy on me.  It's mostly stock and pre-built mods.

I used PunFrontPage as thebase and added a few mods including some smiley management and a gallery.

I'm actually using PunBB as the basis of my entire site, rather than just a forum.

The Site Started as a way to keep in touch with my friends back home, but (of course) it's purpose evolves daily.
I want the users to be able to contribute a lot, but because I am such a newbie to PHP, databases, and CSS, I cannot really modify it to do the things I am imagining.  I want each user to have his/her own section in the gallery by default where only that user can post images and delete them.  I also want an additional section in their profiles where each user can write about themselves which is parsed for BBcode, and post a single picture (maybe limited to 500x500px) in the profile.  This profile page would be displayed first when viewing the user's profile (of course with essential info first above it, name, email, website, age).

There are a whole lot of other mods which I'd like to make to the site too.  I'm creating a music section which is ultra simple, just a table with info and links to downloads.  Eventually, if it gets big, I want to make it searchable and sortable by different categories.  I'd also like to link these to the artist's profile somehow so that a link in their profile shows a list of the mixes and tracks that user has submitted to the site.  I'd also like the PM system to have an option of a popup window alerting the user to new messages.  Guess I'd better learn me some PHP quickly, eh?

I would appreciate any help anyone would be willing to give me.

I'm open to any and all suggestions.  Just be easy on me...



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quite good for a first timer :   8 of 10