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just installed, works great but can't seem to upload large files (2m+), where do i find the php.ini file so i can change it from 2m to 10m ???

thx for any help in advance smile

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In the sake of simplicity there are no mime types used in the mod. So, you just can get files through downloading them. But you can set your browser to open any kind of files in one click. Just choose to: open with... and choose any application (i.e. IrfanView for pictures and so on) to open such files.

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Write any script with phpinfo() command inside it, then run the script on the server.
And in the first lines of browser output you will see the location of php.ini file. Thjat is all!


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thx will give it a try smile

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I've installed the mod and it seems to be working fine. I'm able to upload files.

However, instead of seeing the image (in the case of an image upload), I see a broken image link.

Is this normal or should I be able to see the image? I used the [img]URL[/img] format to try displaying the image. It is a fairly small JPG image.

I also tried just making a link to the image file using Image Name format, but when I click on the link in the post, I get a message saying I don't have permission to view the file.

The permissions for that directory (punbb/uploaded) have been set to 777 and the permissiond fot the parent punbb directory are 755, so I can't see why permission is denied.

Just wondering if you had any suggestions.

Thank you,

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To my pity this mod have rather straightforward fetching engine,
so there is no way to use uploaded files as just to... download them through the mod. wink


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This post is regarding a post on Punres, but it's playing silly buggers over there when I try posting this, so popping it on here. big_smile

Assuming that the uploads dir is in the base forum directory, give this a try. Find this line in uploads.php:


and comment it out by changing it to:


Then, add this just after that line:

header('Location: '.$pun_config['o_base_url'].'/uploaded/'.$file_name);

See if that makes any difference.

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Subdomain BAD REFERRER Issue: Solved

Hi Folks, I ran into a problem with using subdomain redirect management on the site, i.e.,
1) the forum is installed in a subdirectory named subdomain (as an example)
2) the url of the site is subdomain.domain.com which points to the /subdomain folder,
and so PunUploadExtra is installed normally under root/subdomain/upload.php  (etc)

The problem arises because PUE uses php_self as the main 'self locator' variable throughout the code, so when something like a file, or say for instance "upload file" is called, the url appears as
http://subdomain.domain.com/subdomain/u … ?uploadit=
...which is both incorrect and also insecure (because it exposes an otherwise hidden directory).
As well, and this is the show stopper, when trying to get files from the site you will find yourself facing the dreaded BAD REFERRER error from the security referrer checker ;^)

The solution is simple: in uploads.php replace all occurances of

NOTE: This works for installations that support the variables mentioned (depends on your server's operating system, version of apache, and version of php). 
You should look at your installations phpinfo() (google it) so you can determine its supported in the way intended (you will be able to identify the relevant variables presence and how they display their information).

Here is nice intro to the use of these variables: http://php.about.com/od/learnphp/qt/_SERVER_PHP.htm

Not a difficult problem, but it can bugger you up if you migrate to subdomain management with rewriting and such.

Hope this helps anyone ;^)

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