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Topic: SkypeCast - Message Board-Anti Spam Measures

How about trying out a new tool that was recently announced. I'll setup a SkypeCast on the subject of Message Board Anti-spam Measures at 10 am MST (-7 GMT - I think) today, Friday May 19th:

SkypeCast page:

Message Bard Anti-spam Measures skype cast page:
https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts … _talk=5949
SkypeCast results from 5/19/2006:
For the first 15 minutes, no one else entered, then in a network administratior form LA and a computer consultant from Germany joined in and we had an interesting audio discussion that ran a half hour longer than the designated time where we discussed, spam emails, forum spam and guest book spam.  If anyone is interested in doing another one, I'd be glad to join in or originate.