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Topic: punbb produces invalid xhtml

I tried validating a forum page and got loads of errors which could be traced back to microsofts browser uploading windows-latin data as iso-8859-1 in a new forum message.

I fixed the problem, see the code below. Since my customized punbb code differs too much from the official tree, I can't give you a patchfile. The name 'demoronize' is inspired by Demoroniser. This bugfix only corrects the most common offending characters and replaces the other ones by question marks since I was too lazy to look up the unicode numbers of the other ones (the whole range 0x80 to 0xa0). smile

Extra function in include/functions.php (the . in "&"."#8364;" is because otherwise a € will show up in this post:

// remove non ISO-8859-1 characters from $text, return cleaned $text
function demoronize($text)
  // common Microsoft non ISO-8859-1 characters
  $search=array("#\x91#", "#\x92#", "#\x93#", "#\x94#", "#\x95#", "#\x96#", // smart quotes
        "#\x80#" // euro
  $replace=array("'", "'", "\"", "\"", "-", "-",
  $text = preg_replace($search, $replace, $text);

  // delete less common Windows-only characters
  return preg_replace("#[\x80-\xa0]#", "?", $text);

In post.php, after the "validate bbcode syntax" block somewhere around line 170:

// and validate character set iso-8859-1
$message = demoronize($message);

In include/parser.php (the last line is added):

    // Convert applicable characters to HTML entities
    $text = pun_htmlspecialchars($text);
    $text = demoronize($text); // remove non iso8859-1 characters that are left in the database

Re: punbb produces invalid xhtml

Related to this?

Re: punbb produces invalid xhtml

What a coincidence that there are now two threads about the same subject within a week. smile I figured that this is a bug since it leads to non-validating XHTML output, and since I kept up with the bugfixes it is was not yet implemented.

Re: punbb produces invalid xhtml

Yeah, I was just making sure this was the same issue smile