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it's great that it's so easy to fetch the login-information from punBB but my problem is:
Sometimes ( e.g. every 3rd site view ) it takes about two seconds (!!) until PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php' is included. Yes that's a lot of time..

Now my question - i didn't find the part where $pun_user gets defined - could anybody write me a short script that simply fetches the user data of the logged in user and generates $pun_user without intialising unneed stuff?


~ Max

Re: Speed problems

There's something wrong with your server then if it takes that long tongue

Re: Speed problems

for sure...

Re: Speed problems

If you get a puncture, you don't buy a new bike. Diagnose the problem instead of circumventing it.

1) How do you know it's taking two seccons to include common.php?
2) If you have ssh/cli access to the server, run "top", and tap f5 a few times on the problematic pages.
3) Do you have any mod's instaled?

Re: Speed problems

i measured the time before and after the include:

$start_time = microtime(true);
require PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php';
echo microtime(true)-$start_time;

ok now it's much better, i tested it on my localhost with many programs open. Now it's really better ( ~0.2sec ) - i think i can live with that ;-)

xconspirisist: i am using windows ( :-( ) on my localhost but it's fine now wink

Yes you are all right - there was something wrong - but after a restart it went fine ( sorry for the circumstances )

Re: Speed problems

Upgrade to linux and all your problems will disapear big_smile

On a less serious note, if you use sqlite (or maybe some of the other databases) they can't make asyncronous queries (in part or in full). Try a different type of database and compare the speeds you get.

echo "deadram"; echo; fortune;