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Re: Bots attacking :(

Interesting... and I was starting to think my suggestion was useless!  I like Plubyblop's suggestions...

So/and I would add to what Plubyblop suggests, what may be an extra kicker for this would-be botstopper...

Use a random generator to insert meaningless random characters into random spaces inbetween groups of words in your query.  Instruct the would-be registering user to figure out what the real question is and type/or-select  the answer in the space provided.

So  you could have a template for the question(s) like  word1 randomcharactershere  word2 word3 word4 randomcharactershere  randomstuffagain  word5 word6?   Answer=__________

The words and random stuff could be randomly arranged (kind of thing).
Let the bots adapt to that for a couple years and see what they come up with!  Meantime, let 'em move on to other more accessible targets!

Does this sound like a good extension to this idea, and easily doable enough?

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Re: Bots attacking :(

Plubyblop's suggestion sounds somewhat like THACAA.

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Re: Bots attacking :(

This is an excellent idea.  I might implement it so it asks a simple IQ question to prevent utter idiots, as well as bots, from joining the forum.