Topic: Banning entire email domains

Is it possible to ban entire email domains? I can't seem to figure out how if it is.

I am getting slammed by spammers using email addresses at web.de, mail.ru, and freeservicemail.info (a bunch of webmaster forums are).  It would be great to just disallow memberships from those emails altogether. smile

Re: Banning entire email domains

If you don't get it solved before I'm done; I'm about to modify the registration process on my forum.  I'll share it when I'm done.  It will stop folks from being able to register w/ a bogus email addresses, and allow banning based on a regular expression pattern (like *@somedomain.com) and possibly have a form of captcha included.


Re: Banning entire email domains

You can ban a domain in the Ban advanced settings admin screen, just leave the user name blank to get to it:

The e-mail or e-mail domain you wish to ban (e.g. someone@somewhere.com or somewhere.com). See "Allow banned e-mail addresses" in Options for more info.


Re: Banning entire email domains

Thanks so much! That is just what I was looking for it.  That should have been obvious to me.   D'oh. smile

Hopefully that fixes the problem.


Re: Banning entire email domains

I had the same problem  - don't forget that you also need to go into Admin/Permissions and then Registrations and set "Allow banned email addresses" to "No".

Thanks for this feature Rickard et al. spammers from web.de were ruining my day!