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Hi, I'm trying to convert my current phpbb forum, located on a friend's webspace, to a punBB one my own webspace.  Can someone explain exactly what each of the things it asks for is (hostname, username, password, database, prefix)?  I'm pretty sure I have the correct MySQL database name and prefix, but I'm not 100% sure what the other items it's asking for are.  I've tried various things and I keep recieving a "Converter reported: Unable to connect to MySQL server. Please check your settings again." message.

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All of the info it wants you to fill in (if you choose different host/user) is to tell it what MySQL server to connect to and with what info
Hostname: The address of the MySQL server that the phpBB database is on
Username: username of a MySQL user with access to the phpBB database
Password: password of the MySQL user mentioned above
Database: The database where phpBB is installed
prefix: The prefix that phpBB uses on its tables

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Thank you.  I think the hostname must be incorrect then.