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Is there any benefit to using this forum configured


I've seen this on other forums, but wasn;t sure hwy persons would use one way vs. another?

Sorry for the stupid question, just trying to figure how to install scheme...

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First version is the common one, from my point of view. It depends how the web-hosting package is set up, at some packages you have the opportunity to use sub domains so you can use the second way, or if you have the choices you can use both. It depends how easy the user will learn the address. Just think about it, for a second, if you want to place a new  information ( the forum address) into somebodies brain, this person has to 0give free a drawer to store the new one. If you make it easy for the person he/she will keep it quick, so keep your address simply.

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jlangrock wrote:

if you have the choices you can use both

That's probably unwise from an SEO perspective. Generally you ought to pick one URL and stick to it.

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Technical availability aside, I must say I prefer the first style, as it is much easier to find  such an URL in a browser's address bar [history/drop-down menu].

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good point...  I stuck with the std.

Thanks for the good feedback.