Topic: [Minor] 1.3 Help.php problems

When i read the help.php i saw two problems :

Notice: Undefined index: User wrote on line 102
And the "Code:" in the block was "bizare" tongue

So a mini-patch, it' s on my ftp cause of the BBcode in the patch, sorry for the inconvenience.


Re: [Minor] 1.3 Help.php problems

Thanks for the note wink
Again though, I'll reiterate that PunBB 1.3 is currently under development and we're not officially accepting bug reports for it until the beta. smile

Re: [Minor] 1.3 Help.php problems

1.3 isn't in beta yet; I don't think the dev team is really taking bug reports yet. It's quite possible that they meant to change the entry in the language's common.php, but simply haven't gotten there yet. Also, the markup and style is finalized yet (though that may have just be a typo).

'wrote'                    =>    'wrote',


Re: [Minor] 1.3 Help.php problems

Please don't report 1.3 bugs. 99% of what you think are bugs are just things that aren't finished or haven't been updated to take account of other changes.


Re: [Minor] 1.3 Help.php problems

Just wanna simplify your life smile
I think such bugs are loose of time for the PunBB developpers,
contrary to the work that they have to finalize 1.3 features.

Re: [Minor] 1.3 Help.php problems

Which is why it's easier for us to ignore them until, say, the beta than to have them reported by users tongue