Re: [Release] PunBB Backup v1.0

This is cool. Nice for users with less experience.

I agree with rickard, if you want to run a croned backup you would go better with the traditional dumps.
This is just a way to save a backup by clicking a few links in a simple and intuitive pannel. Love it. Just click>save and go!

anyway... i am running punbb with mysql, i use this the script i cron, it saves all databases with user read permition on the server.

$host = "localhost";
$user = "username";
$senha = "xpto";
$dbc = mysql_connect($host, $user, $senha);
$m   = mysql_select_db("test", $dbc);
$sts = mysql_query($sql,$dbc) or die (mysql_error());
$data = date("YmdHis");
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sts)){
   $nome = $row[0];
   $NARQUIVO = $nome."-".$data;
   $resp = `mysqldump --host=$host --user=$user --password=$senha --databases $nome > $NARQUIVO.sql` ;
//set a name for the file
$arquivo = "mysql_".$data;
//create a .tar.gz file containing all the sql files
$resp = `tar -cvzf $arquivo.tar.gz *.sql`;
$resp = `rm *.sql`;


Re: [Release] PunBB Backup v1.0

Thanks for this useful and  important plugin.

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Re: [Release] PunBB Backup v1.0

Hello PMD,

i translated into german. Is it OK when i publish it on Or do you want?

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Re: [Release] PunBB Backup v1.0

Thanks Goodjob..............


Re: [Release] PunBB Backup v1.0

Originally posted download location returns a 404 now.

Working download location:


Re: [Release] PunBB Backup v1.0

I choose to download my bakcup to my hdd.
Transfer is very very very long and goes slower and slower (begins at 250 k/s and a few seconds after that is 1 or 2 k/s !).
I've got nothing else running on my Internet connexion ; and anyway I can download from any other url (including mine wink) without any problem yikes

Re: [Release] PunBB Backup v1.0

PMD wrote:

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily make a database backup and then transfer it in a number of ways.

I don't know if DB is the only scope of this plugin, but if so it would be nice to rename it to a more precise title (to backup a Pun install, one has to save more than just the database).

In any case, nice work on the remote storage of the dump.