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Topic: Quick question: Padding and extra meny

Hiya! Back again tongue

Anyway, it was a while since I last dealt with PunBB, but now since I´ve booted up my linux server again (started a ventrilo server for friends) I found software on it for a webserver, with php and mysql, so I decided to make a small personal webpage..
My problems atm is only the padding of the links in the menu (index, logout etc), I want to move the links up a few pixels, but cant find where to edit it.. Any tips?
Also, I want to add an second menu on top of the forum one, with my own personal links within my page.. I have an page for this, meny.php, but cant find anywhere to insert it, everywhere I try I just mess upp the forum.. Any tips on this as well?

The webpage: Nidhogg.mine.nu

Thanks in advance!!