Topic: utf8 with postgresql 7.4

I just converted a database and pun forum to utf-8, however this results in some issues:
For some reason I get the following error when posting a message that contains a sign with an accent (like: ü, é, à etc..):

File: /inet/coupe-fiat.nl/forum/include/search_idx.php
Line: 134

PunBB reported: Unable to fetch search index words

Database reported: ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UNICODE": 0xe4870a

However if I post ONLY the sign, it works to. So a sign like above in a text results in this error.
What's going on here?

Some data: the database and forum used to be ISO 8859-1.
I dumped the db, made a new db, and wrote the data that was converted to utf-8 back to the db


Re: utf8 with postgresql 7.4

Found the solution!

Apparently you have to outcomment everything related to autodetection of code table settings in common.php in you language dir.
SO make sure only your set code definition is used.