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twohawks wrote:

lie2815.. I am looking at this today an its broken in ie5.5 (I did not yet look in ie6 or 7, I need to access with another pc later as those are not installed on mydev machine)...

Couple questions...
1) did you fix this already?
2) is that with cal 2.06 as the code shows, or did you upgrade (2.07b+ has a fix for the week display but I never observed a problem with the main...)

Please let me know if there's anything I need to consider patching in the calendar mod!

It's not fixed yet. I think I did install 2.07b, and I read something about this in the calendar mod post, but I will look at it again.

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Re: IE7 Fix(es)

Is this IE7 fix now part of 1.2.15 ?


Re: IE7 Fix(es)

I think it's already part of 1.2.14